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AAC/AT Vendor List

Online vendor of assistive technology, accessories, computer software, and curricula.

AAC Intervention
Privately run site with free AAC information and activities for purchase.

Active Forever
Vendor of medical supplies, physical therapy supplies, and other independent living devices and aids.

Manufactures and carries lite tech products for people with mild to severe and multiple disabilities.

Advanced Multimedia Devices (AMDi)
Manufacturer and online vendor of communication products from single message through dynamic screen communicators,
special switches and activities geared to national content standards.
National public website on AT (can buy, sell or exchange products here).

Beyond Play
Early intervention products for young children with special needs.

BigKeys Keyboards
Online vendor of large-key computer keyboards.

Crick Software
Online vendor of inclusive educational software for all ages and abilities, including struggling readers and writers and those with special needs.

Don Johnston
Online vendor of writing, reading, and phonics programs.

Dynamic Living
Vendor of AT products for home living.

Electronic Keyboards, Inc.
Online vendor of accessible computer keyboards, keypads, wheelchair controls, and accessories.

Enabling Devices
Developer and vendor of affordable learning and assistive devices.

Vendor of wheelchairs and homecare products.

Vendor of PE and fitness equipment, including special needs and sensory integration.

Freedom Scientific
Vendor of accessible computer technology for visual impairment and learning disabilities.

General Technologies
Vendor of discounted assistive listening devices.

Develops and sells computer & communication tools for persons with disabilities.

Inclusive Technology Learning Communication (TLC)
Online vendor of a wide range of AAC/AT devices.

Independent Living Aids, LLC
Vendor of low vision, hearing impaired, and other assistive devices.

Inspiration Software, Inc.
Vendor of visual learning software programs that boost reading and writing skills.

Interactive Therapeutic
Therapeutic speech products and literature.

Key Technologies
Vendor of AAC/AT devices in Morganton, NC.  Online ordering is not available (fax/email/phone required), but vendor may be flexible
for school orders.

LC Technologies, Inc.
Develops and sells eyegaze analysis systems.

Online vendor of software, hardware, and curriculum products.

Vendor of visual impairment, hearing impairment and other independent living aids.

Origin Instruments Corporation
AAC devices including touchscreen software and head-controlled computer access.

Phonic Ear
Manufacturer and distributor of sound field systems, assistive listening systems, and assistive listening devices.

Prentke Romich, Inc.
Provider of language and AT products and services, including consultation.

Pyramid Educational Products, Inc.
Home of the Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) and the Pyramid Approach to Education.
Provides training, consultation, and products.

Assistive and adaptive technology for children and adults with disabilities. Online vendor.

Renaissance Learning
Online vendor of computerized assessment tools for reading, writing and math.

R.J. Cooper & Associates
Manufacturer and vendor of special software and hardware products (some downloadable from website).

Tobii Dynavox
Vendor of AAC software and speech devices.

ViewPlus Technologies
Vendor of Braille software and printers, audio calculators and other visual impairment devices.

Vortant Technologies, LLC
Online vendor of accessible computer technology. 

Word Place Yeah Write!
Downloads of the fill-in-the-blank word processor (free trial; then must purchase).

Zygo Industries, Inc.
Online manufacturer and vendor, specializing in augmentative and alternative communication, environmental control systems,
and alternative computer access.

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